Utility Patent
  Design Patent
  Provisional Patent Application
  Additional Costs (Optional)

Design Patent - $2,800*

Design patents protect the appearance of an invention. They last 14 years and do not require the payment of any maintenance fees. Design patents, however, are of limited value as they are usually very easy to design around.

Base price $2,800*
Formal Drawings included
Filing Forms included
USPTO Filing Fee included
USPTO Search Fee included
USPTO Examination Fee included
Responding to Office Actions included
USPTO Issue Fee included
Misc Phone Calls included
TOTAL COST $2,800*

* Small entity, e.g. less than 500 employees - add $890 for a large entity.

Payment schedule: 50% upfront and 50% upon receiving a Notice of Allowance. If I don't get your patent application allowed, you don't pay that last 50% amount.