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Once you obtain a patent, you may need to pay periodic maintenance fees to the U. S. Patent & Trademark Office. They come due about once every four years. To avoid penalties, the fees need to be made within certain 6-month time periods. Do not rely on the Patent Office to send you a bill.

Here's how some pay their own maintenance fees online (within the allowable payment window):

  • click on - Patents
  • click on - Patent Process
  • click on - Maintain/Pay Fees
  • click on - Pay Online
  • enter the Patent Number
  • enter the Application Number (found on front page of your patent)
  • click on - Retrieve Fees to Pay
  • click on the small check box to receive official receipt
  • click on - Pay Maintenance Fees
  • click on - Pay by Credit Card, enter credit card info etc.

Patent Timeline Example - small entity