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Who to Trust

To check out an invention submission or marketing company, go to, or run them through the Scam Buster Machine.

Scam Buster Machine

Enter Company Name
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How It Works
The Scam Buster Machine simply initiates a Google search on the company name and the keywords, scam, fraud, and invention. The search results do not determine whether a company is good or bad. The results only provide a starting point from which you can investigate a company on your own.

To check out a patent attorney or patent agent, do the following:
  1. Go to PTO website at

  2. Enter attorney's or agent's name as Term-1 e.g., "Harter, Robert J."

  3. From a drop-down box in Field-1, select "Attorney or Agent".

  4. Hit search to get a list of patents handled by the subject attorney or agent.

  5. Clicking on one of the listed patents provides the inventor's name and address.

  6. Search the web for inventor's telephone number and ask the inventor what they think of their attorney or agent.